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For a more detailed description of each of the 60 documents now available to new members, click here.

1. Personalized advice on how to collect from insurance companies and attorneys after all of your usual methods have been tried.

2. Health insurance for members. Coverage is guaranteed-issue after 90 day waiting period, for employees and families. Call ACS at 602-368-9496 for more information.

3. IME rebuttal package.

4. Timely Payment of Claims, Adjudication and Adjustments: Complete instructions for exactly what to do when insurers do not pay in a timely manner.

5. Record Keeping as Mandated by the Chiropractic Board: ACS has nailed down the most accurate information in Arizona regarding what is required by the Board in terms of record keeping.

6. Medical Records Protocol: All chiropractors are required by law to have a proper Medical Records Protocol on file in their offices.

7. Health Care Appeals Process: THE system to follow in Arizona to get medical necessity denials overturned.

8. Grievance Letters: These formal and legal letters are simply the best way to get an insurers' focused attention and to get your bills paid.

9. Complete instructions for what to do when an insurer states that your fees are above the usual and customary fee schedule for your area.

10. Complete instructions for how to file a wide variety of complaints against any type of insurance company.

11. Personalized advice regarding whether you should join managed care networks. Each practice has its own needs.

12. Key ERISA self-funded plan tools. When your patient works for a company with more than 500 employees, the health plan is almost always self-insured and exempt from state regulation.

13. Small Claims and Justice Court Lawsuit Instructions: Some offices have found that filing lawsuits on behalf of patients is an inexpensive an easy way to get your case in front of an impartial judge who will usually rule against an insurance company.

14. How to Search the National Library of Medicine: The Arizona Chiropractic Board requires that your practice methods be based on peer-reviewed and indexed scientific journal studies.

15. Referrals to ACS’ choice of an excellent attorney to represent Chiropractors before the Arizona Chiropractic Board.

16. Much more to come! Go to the ACS Membership Page for a list to request the Treasures by number in PDF format.

For a more detailed description of each of the 35 documents now available to new members, click here.

Click here for a membership application