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August 10, 2020


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If certain members at the Legislature have their way, your PI practice will be slashed to peanuts in a few months.

Here’s the story:

In January of 2020, Senator Michelle Ugenti- Rita introduced SB 1522 Health Care Liens; Insurance. This bill would have forced you to bill a PI patient’s health insurance and accept whatever they pay as payment in full. You would have been prohibited from collecting any remaining unpaid balance from your patient or any third party. Attorneys would not be allowed to even acknowledge your lien. You could not file a lien if your bill is under $25,000. You can view the bill here.

This bill passed the State Senate earlier this year by a vote of 24-6. It only died when one House member, Rep. John Kavanagh, refused to schedule it for a hearing in committee. However, the bill will be back for consideration in January 2021 and it is a major threat as can be seen by the overwhelmingly positive Senate vote. Rep.

Kavanagh’s committee could easily be bypassed, and the bill could pass the House and become law upon signature by the Governor which is highly likely.


ACS has an action plan to deal with this issue.

We are going to fight this bill to the death until we have squeezed every drop of life out of it!

First, ACS is registering as a lobbying organization so that it can weigh in on the issue. Second, Dr. Immerman is registering as a  lobbyist so that he can personally lobby legislators, some of whom he knows from the past. Dr. Immerman was a registered lobbyist for 26 years and was instrumental in passing four insurance equality laws and killing  many  bad bills from 1990 to 2015. Third, once more doctors join ACS and ACS has the cash flow (must be very soon!), ACS will hire a professional lobbyist just  as it has in the past to influence the Legislature.

What Can You Do?


So, your action plan is to join ACS if you are not already a member.

ACS is busy! First the massive complaint against ASH filed with the AZ Department of Insurance, the AZ Chiropractic Board and the AZ Attorney General. The first two parties have already acknowledged receipt of the complaint. You can view the whole complaint here.

Second, the revival of the ACS website with all of the Member Benefits intact which you have to check out. A small fraction of the Member  Benefit documents have been posted for your review on the ACS Facebook page.

And now third, the lobbying effort to kill the new lien law in January of 2021, just a few months from now. Make us strong enough to win by joining today or risk seeing your PI practice wither on the vine.

We will never stop working to protect the interests of Arizona chiropractors.

Best regards,

Alan M. Immerman, D.C.

ACS President and Executive Director


Arizona Chiropractic Society

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