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Alan M. Immerman, D.C.

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Author's Introduction: This is full book which was published by Naturegraph Publishing in 1989. It is now out-of-print so I decided to post it full text on the Internet for free. I hope you find it helpful. Click here to read full text book online in PDF format. Here is the Table of Contents:

Section One – The Basics

1. Introduction
2. Listen To Your Body
3. What is Health?
4. Health Philosophy

Section Two – How Trouble Develops
5. Toxemia
6. Inflammation
7. Progression of Disease and Pathology

Section Three – The Problems
8. Heart Disease and Strokes
9. High Blood Pressure
10. Cancer
11. Diabetes
12. Hypoglycemia
13. Slowing the Aging Process
14. Osteoporosis
15. Allergies and Asthma
16. Infectious Diseases
17. Arthritis
18. Stomach and Intestinal Problems
19. Skin Diseases
20. Headaches

Section Four – How To Unleash Your Body’s Healing Power
21. Your Body’s Healing Power
22. How To Eat
23. How Much Should We Eat?
24. Protein
25. Fat
26. Carbohydrate
27. Food Processing
28. Fasting
29. Vegetarianism
30. Vitamins and Minerals

31. To Supplement or Not
32. Calcium and Dairy Products
33. Feeding Babies
34. Herbs
35. Exercise
36. Stress
37. Chiropractic
38. Water
39. Rest and Sunshine
40. Diet and Menu Plans
41. Recipe Books
42. Questions and Answers


Click here to read full book online in PDF format.