Arizona Chiropractic Society 2006 Newsletters Pertaining to Chiropractic Board

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"A day in the life of the Chiropractic Board," Anonymous, June, 2006

"ACS files massive complaint against Chiropractic Board with Arizona Ombudsman's Office," August, 2006

"Chiropractic Board's actions not in keeping with mission statement," August, 2006

"Our anonymous reporter speaks again," August, 2006

"Ombudsman's Office to initiate 'Formal Investigation' of Arizona Chiropractic Board," September, 2006

"Chiropractic Board's disciplinary actions usually result in termination from insurance plans and networks," September, 2006

"A clue into what the Chiropractic Board believes is the standard of care in Arizona," September, 2006

"ACS confirms existence of multiple complaints filed against D.C. members of Chiropractic Board," October, 2006

"Here are some typical complaints filed by an insurance company with the Chiropractic Board," October, 2006

"One set of rules for D.C. members of the Chiropractic Board, another set for the rest of us," November, 2006

"Chiropractic Board announces intent to gain legal authority to dictate standards of practice," November, 2006

“Today was the day the Chiropractic Board finally succumbed to the stress and gave in," December, 2006

Arizona Chiropractic Society 2007 Newsletters Pertaining to Chiropractic Board

"Arizona Chiropractic Board issues adverse action reports far more than average state," January, 2007

"What does ACS want from the Chiropractic Board?," February, 2007

"Chiropractic Board continues to stonewall 1,100 anonymous complaints against D.C. members," March, 2007

"Chiropractic Board will prosecute you for rendering care that is not 'medically necessary,'" April, 2007

Note: ACS continues to report on Board activities in every monthly newsletter. To follow the developments, go the the ACS Monthly Newsletter page on this website.