ACS is the Only State Association that is Independent of the Arizona Chiropractic Board

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ACS is the only state association that is independent from the Board. The AAC and the Board are "joined at the hip." The newest Board member, Dr. Jim Badge, was Chair of the AAC Legislative Committee immediately before being appointed to the Board. The Board Chair, Dr. Dianne Haydon, was nominated to the Board by the AAC and is a member of the AAC. Former Board member and IME doctor Steve Baker was nominated to the Board by the AAC and specifically by former AAC President Wayne Bennett. When it is time for a new Board appointment, the AAC leadership and the Board simply play "musical chairs" and swap positions. Truly, the AAC and the Board are one entity, walking in lockstep. This has always been the case.

Beginning in the June 2006 ACS newsletter which is posted online, ACS began an intense campaign against the abuses of the Board. This continued for years until the Board cleaned up its act which it largely has. The ACS effort included passing three new laws to reign in the Board. The entire profession was outraged at the conduct of the Board. During this four year time period, the AAC NEVER criticized the Board's actions in its publications, not even once, while ACS found solid and obvious reasons to criticize the Board dozens of times.

The Board's mission is to protect the public from bad doctors. An association's mission is to protect its members who are doctors. Inevitably, there will be times when the Board and the association will clash. The AAC has so many conflicts that it can NEVER clash with the Board. Only ACS can protect the profession from Board excesses since only ACS is truly independent from the Board.