About the Arizona Chiropractic Society
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The Arizona Chiropractic Society (ACS), started in 1991, is a state association dedicated to the advancement of chiropractic. ACS believes in tolerance and endorses live and let live among all chiropractors. We believe that you have a right to practice chiropractic in as broad a manner as your license allows, or as narrow a manner as you wish. If you want to practice chiropractic orthopedics or neurology, we are behind you 100%. If you are a principled subluxation-based chiropractor, we respect you as well.

The Arizona Chiropractic Society believes firmly in the concept of insurance equality. We believe that if an insurance company would pay for care of your patient if an M.D. or D.O. cared for your patient, then the insurer should be required by law to pay for your care of the same patient. We have successfully fought the entire insurance and medical industry at the Arizona State Legislature to enact four landmark insurance equality laws since 1990.

The Arizona Chiropractic Society supports a fair and reasonable Chiropractic Board that protects the health, welfare and safety of the public. In the past, ACS believed that the current Board operated inappropriately as thoroughly documented on the webpage dedicated to this issue. ACS strongly supported reform of the Board and replacement of both some current Board members and Board personnel. To accomplish these goals, ACS filed complaints with the Ombudsman's office, the State Legislature and various law enforcement agencies. Courts had already ruled (and here) that the Board was not acting properly. ACS was successful in its mission of Board reform.

ACS is the Arizona action organization. Read this webpage and you will soon discover exactly what we mean. When copays and deductibles rose in violation of our insurance equality law, ACS went right to the Legislature and bills were introduced to solve the problem. When that didn't work, plans were made to file a lawsuit. ACS responds! Whatever the problem, whatever the need, we will research and then go to work for you, the Arizona chiropractor. That is exactly what we having been doing since 1991, and what we will do in the future. 

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From Clinton Bennion, DC:

I’m positive many of us, if not all, are exploited by insurance companies on a regular basis. Sadly, I’m sure many of us eventually give up, fighting thinking we can’t possibly win.

Last year I treated a patient for roughly eight weeks and, as many of us commonly encounter, the insurance company decided they weren’t going to pay for any of the patient’s visits. After unsuccessfully going through the normal appeals process which included two separate peer-reviews (we all know how those go), the insurance company informed me they were upholding their decision not to pay. They also informed me I had “exhausted my appeals limit” and “there was nothing else we could do”.

Fortunately, I am a member of the Arizona Chiropractic Society. With the assistance of ACS, namely Drs. Immerman and Glassman, I successfully sued the insurance company in civil court. The insurance company knew, as I did, that if my case went before a non-partial judge, they wouldn’t stand a chance. We agreed to settle out-of-court and I recovered 70% of the patient’s $6,000 bill including my court costs.

I never would have thought I could take on an insurance company by myself, let alone win. ACS gave me the confidence, the support, and the resources I needed to level the playing field with the insurance company and finally get paid for the work I had done. This alone has made my ACS membership worth every penny.

From Randall Leraaen, D.C.:

Alan, If it wasn't for your hard work for the chiropractors of Arizona - ACS, AAC, or independent - we may not even have the ability to make a living and help our patients achieve better health through chiropractic care. Thanks for doing what you do best, and fighting the good fight. In the immortal words of Winston Churchill, "...we will never surrender!"

From Daniel Allen, D.C.:

To all the ACE (Arizona Chiropractors for Excellence) doc's and any others that receive this note. Dr. Immerman has been doing a bang-up job for many years in our state (AZ).Below is just one of the many works he gets his fingers in (referring to notice of defeat of HB 2757). I have known Alan for over 20 years, have seen his work, followed the progress of his organization and pretty much sat on the fence. It is time for all chiropractors to get behind, and I mean financially, the ACS.Join up and let's fight the good fight.I did. Contact him through the email address below or give him a call.

From John Amaro, D.C.:

Hello Alan, It has been a very long time since our paths have crossed however I keep up with your whereabouts as a dedicated reader of the newsletter whenever I receive it.

Just wanted to take a moment to say I appreciate you and your enthusiasm for the chiropractic profession. Your 24 hour dedication is humbling to say the least. I do not believe I have ever known a doctor with your drive and focus in protecting our profession.Your leadership is legendary.You are a role model for our profession.I have said for years, the problem with this profession is that there is not a clear leader.Not like the old days with Janse, Napolitano, Coggins, Harper.Even Sid Williams was a great leader however he was too one sided."Live and let live was a great philosophy".

You are a gutsy, driven, dedicated individual with focus.I can hardly imagine what could happen to this profession if there were just four of you!!!!!!!!!!!!

All the best my friend may your victories be many.

From Matthew Dorchester, D.C.:

Alan, Wonderful work this legislative session, I think this is your best ever. My strengths are yours.

From Randall Widmaier, D.C.:

Thanks for all the work Alan. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your efforts!

From Name Withheld, D.C.:

Keep up the good work. Someone needs to shed light on dark areas. Your willingness to do this is one reason why I have continued to support ACS even though it is tough financially sometimes.

From Casey Johnston, D.C.:

Alan, thank you for your diligent and persistent work for all of true Chiropractic.

From Brian Elwartowski, D.C.:

Hey Alan,

As we discussed before, I will have to cancel my membership to ACS. The sale of my office was final on 6/1/06, and I and my family will be relocating to Texas. I just hope I can find an association that has been as helpful as yours, with not only looking out for the best interestin our profession, but the thousands of dollars we were able to collect, due to your advice you gave us on collecting from the insurance. I have highly recommended that the doctor that bought my practice pick up membership, the $80 monthly membership is nothing compared to the value that you bring to membership. Keep up the great work!

From Kellie Gray, D.C.:

I just wanted to say thank you. I sent a thank you and Jan. dues by snail mail. I mailed it Friday morning in good faith that there would be an increase in income. I just hadto tell you thatby our close onFriday we had a record day in services and collections. I haven't even started to incorporate the ideas we discussed but the positive energy had already gotten things going!

From Joseph L. Maher, D.C.:

Thank you so much for the continued effort for all of us.

From George Camacho, D.C.:

Hey Alan how are you? Doing a great job. Keep it up. 

From Kenneth Krieger, D.C.:

Alan.............thanks for all you do for Chiropractic!! If there is something that I can help with let me know! After 33 years in practice, I'm just getting started!! Regards...........Ken

From Mark Lee, D.C.:

An open letter to my chiropractic colleagues,

I am a proud member of the Arizona Chiropractic Society and I want to tell you why.

Back in 1993 I was pleased to have joined an association whose philosophy was "live and let live" amongst each other. Together, we were going to gain equalityon insurance issues and promote the positive of our great profession to the residents of Arizona. I continue to believe that we need to let our differences become our strengths, working together to further the cause of chiropractic in this great state of Arizona.

Dr. Alan Immerman has never given up fighting the good fight for and in behalf of the average "Joe Chiropractor". He believes in chiropractic and he believes in us as doctors of chiropractic. He understands our chiropractic challenges and the need for a someone to lead out in our behalf.

I am honored to be part of the society he founded. I know I can call on him (because I have) any time and he will be there with excellent advice and/or resources. And, He will do what it takes to make the changes necessary for a better chiropractic tomorrow.

Please consider how you can be a small part of the great work ACS and Dr. Immerman is doing. Please become a member today.

Dr. Mark Lee - Mesa - 480/644/0644

PS For those of you who know me well, you know I mean what I say. Call me today. Let's talk. You need to be a part of this organization. 

From Grant Shapiro, D.C.: 


From Jeffrey Trinka, D.C.:

The ACS continues to be on the cutting edge and I look forward an eternal membership in such an outstanding organization!

From Gregg Friedman, D.C.:

Alan, We are so fortunate to have you working so hard for all of us. Thank you.

From David Farnsworth, D.C.:

Words cannot express how grateful I am for all that you have done for our profession. I have received your e-mail letters over the last few months, thank-you. One thing I have always appreciated about you is that you have always been a "straight shooter" and I have never questioned your integrity or your intent.

Take care,


From Peter Pakulis, D.C.: 

Once again, awesome work. I am very satisfied that I joined with you.

From Dawne Hennessey, D.C.: 

Alan, Have I told you recently: I LOVE the JOB you are DOING!!!