Alan M. Immerman, D.C.
ACS President and 
Executive Director 
(Since 1991)

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Advance the Interests of Arizona Chiropractors

The Arizona Chiropractic Society (ACS) is a non-profit state association for Arizona chiropractors founded in 1991. ACS works to enforce the critically important chiropractic insurance equality laws, to strengthen and protect chiropractic, to represent the profession in the Arizona Legislature, to make needed changes in health insurance law and personal injury laws and litigation, provide information regarding claims denials, IMEs, low speed impacts, and biomechanical issues, advise doctors who have had Chiropractic Board complaints and provide personal advice to chiropractors. Read what other Arizona chiropractors have written about ACS here.



The chiropractic profession has one message for you this year:

"Chiropractors are part of the solution and we have the evidence to prove it." Just click here to see how we can help solve rising health care costs in Arizona with our low technology, natural health care approach.  


Since 1991, ACS and its President Alan M. Immerman, D.C. have enacted four insurance equality laws, fostered an atmosphere of "live and let live" in the chiropractic community, reigned in excesses by the Chiropractic Board, passed a vastly improved health care lien law, worked with the State of Arizona Department of Insurance to enforce existing laws, and more....

These Vendors and Professionals Fund the Chiropractic Agenda -- Support Them!

PINCUS & ASSOCIATES, PC AND PINCUS & LESPRON, PC – ARE YOU TIRED OF REDUCING YOUR BILL? With offices in Tempe, the West Valley and Tucson, there is no longer any reason for you to routinely reduce your bill on accident cases. Call Shawn J. Dow, Esq. at 480.777.2599, Michelle Lespron, Esq. at 520.888.2599, or Amara Edblad at 623.444.4824 for the West Valley office to learn how it is to work with attorneys who understand how to beat the insurance companies at their own game. Click here for the firm's webpage.




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IMPORTANT UPDATE: 10-27-20: The American Chiropractic Association has adopted a policy called "Choosing Wisely" that rejects the use of routine spinal X-rays on all new patients. This is in opposition to the usual practice of the profession. The policy has also been adopted by American Specialty Health Networks (ASHN) which ACS is considering suing. Read the ACA policy by clicking here, and read the many rebuttal studies and position papers by clicking here and here and here and here.. ACS is working hard to oppose the ACA policy.

BREAKING NEWS: 10-12-20: Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar works to expand Medicare coverage for chiropractic as can be seen by this letter to Wayne Bennett, DC, former AAC President. We must support Rep. Gosar by contributing any amount to his campaign, even $50-$100. Send contributions to Gosar for Congress, PO Box 2967, Prescott, AZ 86302. Attn: Julie Schreiner.

BREAKING NEWS 10-3-20: ACS releases all new October 2020 Newsletter with key stories about effort at Arizona Legislature to force providers to accept health insurance fees in PI cases, the ACS effort to corral ASH with administrative complaints and possible litigation, and much more. Read the entire newsletter by clicking here.

BREAKING NEWS 10-2-20: ACS and Dr. Bill Gallagher offfering a 12 hour continuing education class "Outcome Assessment Tools for Motor Vehicle Injuries." Approved by the Arizona Chiropractic Board for 12 hours including 2 hours of documentation. Scheduled for Nov. 21, 2020, 12 hours in one day, at the Holiday Inn in Scottsdale. Free for ACS members, $300 for all others. Click here to register.

BREAKING NEWS: 9-21-20 Arizona Legislature comes close to destroying chiropractors' personal injury practices. In Feb., 2020, the State Senate voted 24-6 to require DCs to accept health insurance as payment in full and banned the filing of liens. Click here to watch a live video of the tesimony in the Senate Finance Committee (scroll down to and click on SB 1522 Liens-Insurance) and click here to read the official Senate Fact Sheet that describes the bill in detail. It will resurface in Jan., 2021 and ACS will fight to stop it but it will be an uphill climb. For Talking Points that you can use to counter this bill, click here. For a list of those in favor and opposed to this bill, click here and then go to RTS Current Bill Positions at the top of the page.

BREAKING NEWS: 9-20-20: ACS posts Medical Records Protocol on Member Benefits page. The Chiropractic Board requires that you have such a Protocol on file in your office when you renew your state license. ACS has also posted the link to the renewal page at the Board along with the laws that mandate the protocol. Just navigate to the Member Benefits Page and read #24.3 and #25.

MOST READ: 8-11-20 ACS takes action to block legislation which would force Arizona chiropractors to accept managed care health insurance fees in PI cases. A bill,  SB 1522,which would have accomplished this, passed the State Senate last February and will be back next January for reconsideration. ACS will lobby to defeat it. Read this newsletter for detailed information and join ACS to support the effort to defeat the legislation.

MOST READ: 7-29-20 ACS files massive complaint against American Specialty Health Networks (ASHN). Complaint filed with Arizona Department of Insurance, Arizona Board of Chiropractic Examiners and Arizona Attorney General. Click here to read the cover letter and click here to read the entire 91 page complaint.

MOST READ: The Arizona Chiropractic Society (ACS) lives again! We are now a consulting and advocacy group, providing vitally important information to Arizona chiropractors and trying to influence the Arizona Legislature. Stay tuned for a treasure trove of valuable documents, web links and much more, all from Dr. Immerman, serving the profession since 1991. 

MOST READ: ACS releases all new April 2015 eNewsletter with key stories ACS bills stall in State House of Representatives, Grievance Letters – The best way to get insurers to pay, all about the Health Care Appeals Process, how to file a complaint against an insurance company, details about the upcoming seminar Personal Injury Case Management, and much more. Read these stories and much more by clicking here.

MOST READ: January 2015 ACS eNewsletter with stories about ACS lobbyist continues fierce pace at Legislature, how you can qualify as an expert in clinical biomechanics, the time to join ACS is now, and the complete ACS personal injury package. Click here to read the entire newsletter.

MOST READ: ACS releases all new October, 2014 eNewsletter with key stories about ACS’s successful mission to reform the Chiropractic Board over the past ten years, status of pending  lawsuits, upcoming seminar Personal Injury Case Management, the time to join ACS is now, and details about the ACS Functional Medicine, Natural Hygiene and Fasting Center online. Click here to read the entire newsletter.

MOST READ: ACS releases all new August 2014 ACS eNewsletter with key stories about how legislation and litigation will be the key to progress, ACS preparations for the 2015 Legislation Session, news about pending lawsuits, consequences of failure to properly fill out CA paperwork, and management of whiplash disorders. Click here to read the entire newsletter.

MOST READ: How to Use the Health Care Appeals and Grievance Laws to Get Paid. ACS has made key Member Benefit documents public so entire profession can use powerful key tools to get paid. Much more information like this available to members. Join today online!

MOST READ: ACS releases Low Speed Impact Defense Package including a letter to send to a claims adjuster who has raised low speed impact arguments, telling you to limit treatment because property damage was minor. The package is posted on the Member Benefits page, #35.1 to 35.3.

Click here to join ACS online with our live secure server. For a detailed description of each of the 60 valuable member benefits, click here.

Alan M. Immerman, D.C.
President and Executive Director

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